About Us

The zesty and delectable smell of authentic indian cuisine can be smelt upon entry. Agra Tandoori Express is a must have for those who crave mouth watering flavours and ethnic cuisine. This restaurant offers impeccable service, elegant and contemporary decor, friendly pricing and an excellent atmosphere. 

Bhupinderjit Sandhu, the proud owner has been in the food industry for an impressive two decades. Alongside Agra Tandoori Express he is the owner of the original Agra Tandoori. He has combined his passion for indian cuisine and his knowledge to ensure a genuine enjoyable experience for every guest. Bhupinderjit began his career as a dishwasher  working his way up to manager eventually becoming partner. His vision being that every meal served creates an opportunity to bond and grow as he himself has grown in the food industry. 

With the combined efforts of Hussian Hasham who brings over an impressive three decades in the food industry. Hussian’s passion for food has kept him from retiring and is what continues to drive him till this day. Both partners agree that the best and most enjoyable part of their jobs is creating meals that bring people together. Their hope is that together they will bring a dash of this Indian cuisine to the UBC campus.